What type of jar should be used for preserving?

There are plenty of different types of preserving jars available in the market however not all jars are created equal and cutting corners could cost you not only time, but also your fresh harvest.  As tempting as it may be to use that just-finished commercial jam jar – put it down.   Home preserving requires the use of a mason jar that will create a hermetic seal to ensure food quality during and after processing.

Real Mason jars have a wide rim giving them a better sealing surface and are also tempered more than that jar in the cupboard that once held a commercially canned product and are more resistant to cracking and breaking.

Mason jars come in two different types – Regular mouth and Wide mouth – referring to the jar opening. Regular mouth Mason jars have a smaller opening and narrowing at the neck which helps to keep whole fruits/vegetables under the liquid level. Key for preserving things like plums.   Wide mouth jars have no ‘neck’, straight from the lid to the jar and are great for chunky recipes that could be tricky ladling in.

All Ball® Preserving jars are all Mason jars come in a variety of sizes making it easier to tailor your presentation to your product.

Wide Mouth Half Gallon  – These are ideal for fruit juice such as apple or grape or for vintage styled storage of non preserved pantry items.  Because of their size it is not a jar recommended for other recipes as the heat penetration to the middle of the jar is low.

Regular Mouth Quart Mason – These are good all-rounders for bulk preserving whole fruits/vegetables, slices or jams.

Wide Mouth Quart Mason – As above but also good for bigger or chunkier recipes.

Regular Mouth Pint – This is my go to jar for most recipes and great for smaller batches.

Regular Mouth Half Pint – A cute size for more experimental recipes or gift giving.  These jars are also freezer safe and perfect for this apricot recipe

12oz Quilted Jelly Jar – Smaller than a pint coming in at 16oz I think this is a great gift giving size as you get a decent amount in and the quilted sides make even the simplest recipe look fancy

8oz Quilted Jelly Jar – The same size as a half pint but again with the pretty decorative sided.  You will find most of our Ball® receipes call for this size.

4oz Quilted Jelly Jar – This petite size is good for gifts and can also be used for plenty of things in the kitchen – new spice jars perhaps?

So as you can see sometimes a jar isn’t just a jar.  So if you are going to take the time to do some home preserving then Mason jars are the right tool for the job and there is a size for every recipe.

Which Mason jar size is your ‘go to’?


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  1. kenneth Giel says:

    Need for a client jars
    8oz & 12oz.

    please provide price
    and MQO.

    K-Services & Trade Aruba (FB)
    Kenneth Giel

    • admin says:

      Hi Kenneth, thank you for your query and sorry it has taken so long to respond. Please register for a trade log-in on the Old Mill Road website, if you account is approved you will then have access to wholesale prices and can make a purchase on-line.

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