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Pickling Basics

Savoury preserves, such as pickles, chutneys and relishes, use vinegar alone, or a mix of vinegar and salt (and sometimes sugar) to preserve veges and fruit. Salt: Acts as a preservative, but is also used as …

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Preserving Basics

There are four key ingredients you’ll need for any and all sweet preserves. Fruit: Use your best fruit.  As fruit becomes over-ripe, the level of pectin in it declines. Pectin: A natural substance found in all …

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How to preserve with Weck

These rules are listed in the approximate order of the canning procedure: 1. Before starting to work, examine all jars and lids for possible small chips, nicks and other defects by running your fingertips around the …

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How to fix jam that is too runny

A few weeks ago I decided to whip up a No-Sugar Strawberry Jam, wanting savour the berry flavours in the coming autumn months.  On the weekend I couldn’t wait any longer and popped open a jar to …

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How to tell when Jam is set

The key to a perfect jam is getting a perfect set, meaning the fruit, pectin and sugar reacted together to gel. The trick is how to tell when your jam has set. There are a few things …

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Top ten tips for perfect Jam every time

We’ve all had that frustrating moment when no matter how many times to you re-read the ‘oh-so-easy’ recipe your jam just doesn’t look like its meant to.  Sometimes recipes don’t tell you all the info you need to be able …

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